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Galeria Pacifico was opened on November 27th, 1987, by its founder, Gary Thompson, based largely on the premise that Puerto Vallarta presented a unique window to the world to showcase the incredible artistic talent and heritage of Mexico. From the beginning, Mexican artists were given the greatest emphasis, and the few foreign painters and sculptors included were selected based not only on having Mexico as a major residence but also on their level of reflecting the artistic sensibilities and historical antecedents of the country. One of the first was Roberto Fabelo, a practitioner of Magical Realism who in the interim time has been named the National Artist of Cuba. Currently, Lorenzo Ruiz, has been splitting his time between his native Havana, and Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, as the themes of his photo realistic paintings have segued from images of Cien Fuegos, Cuba, to those of the jungles and beaches just south of Puerto Vallarta seen during recent visits.  Another representational painter focusing on Vallarta scenes is Francisco Marugan, born in Chile, raised in Spain and a long term resident of the US before moving to Vallarta several years ago.

Another premise was that paintings and sculptures show well together, and the gallery has always presented a fairly even mix of the two. A few special artists such as Brewster Brockmann and Hugo Barajas have shown equal talent in both mediums. They both also represent a trend where some artists originally from Guadalajara have made Vallarta their primary residence, with Roberto Vazquez and Luis Espiridion being other examples.  Some artists such as Alfredo Langarica have continued living in Guadalajara while showing their work in Puerto Vallarta.  That is also the case with Mexico City based artists Aida Emart and Virginia Aparicio, who show here with Pacifico but remain living in the city.

Another aspect of Galeria Pacifico is that it represents several leading artists from the well known art center, San Miguel de Allende. These would include David Leonardo, Magdiel Perez, Juan Ezcurdia, Cati Demme, Claudia Casillas and Miguel Angel Morales.  In fact, this is the largest representation of San Miguel artists shown in Vallarta.  A new artist with Galeria Pacifico, Angel Pahuamba, shows a great deal in San Miguel but actually resides in Morelia, Michoacan.

Galeria Pacifico also sponsors the free Malecon Sculpture Tour that happens every Tuesday morning at 9:30 from mid November to mid April, starting at the Millennium sculpture next to the Hotel Rosita at the north end of the Malecon.  The creator of the Millennium, Mathis Lidice, usually starts things off with an explanation of the complicated symbols in his creation. Along the way, three sculptures by the deceased master, Ramiz Barquet,  are viewed and explained:  the famous couple on the bench, “ Nostalgia,” San Pascual Bailon” and “El Juglar.” Usually at the end of the tour, Jim Demetro, the sculptor of the “Dancers of Vallarta,” the Woman Washing Clothes,” and “Andale Bernardo,” a new sculpture featuring a burro in Lazaro Cardenas Park, is on hand to explain the story behind his creations and the process of casting monumental bronze sculptures.

Galeria Pacifico participates in the Wednesday night Art Walks held in the Historical Center of the City just inland from the Malecon from 6:00 to 10:00 PM from the end of October to the end of May. The gallery will also be mounting a series of solo and collective exhibitions to be announced through the season. In between these events, there will be a few artists in action presentations during Art Walks that involve the painter or sculptor creating or finishing a work of art during the four hours of the cocktail reception.