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Galería Pacifico represents a range of contemporary Mexican artists and select artists from around the world who are working in Mexico.

In addition to the artists listed below, the gallery has access to deceased and living Latin American masters. If you have a particular artist or style you are seeking, please go to the contact page to let us know.


Alfredo Langarica combines the highest level of painting ability with a multi layered artistic sensibility seasoned over a 25 year career and with an absolutely world class sense of humor. This artist in his forties from Guadalajara has painted in a wide variety of styles over the years, from highly realistic to totally abstract and […]


Brewster Brockmann stands out in many ways as an artist, but one of the most obvious is in the way he is equally proficient at creating paintings and sculptures, many of which have the feeling of ancient pieces in a museum of anthropology. The paintings offer the themes of nature one might expect from an […]


Hugo Barajas was always drawing as a small child growing up in Guadalajara, displaying remarkable skill as soon as he could grab a crayon or pencil. He actually began doing oil paintings on canvas when he was only seven years old. He was raised by his grandparents from a very early age, and although showing obvious talent in […]


Schooler was born in 1953 in Brooklyn, NY and is a self-taught, contemporary folk artist. He made his home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, from 1972 until 2003 when he moved to New Orleans returning to San Miguel de Allende after a few years. His work is represented in the New Orleans Museum of […]


Magdiel Perez is a highly acclaimed artist, not only where he resides in the major art center of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, but throughout this country and internationally. He has participated over the last twenty years in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Mexico, as well as in Spain, the United States, Guatemala and […]


It would be hard not to notice the Mexican artist Roberto Vazquez if you were to encounter him walking around Puerto Vallarta. In addition to being a strikingly handsome man, the 46 year old bearded six footer with hair to the middle of his back and stone and ivory cones in his ear lobes is […]


Jim Demetro came to Vallarta from his home in Washington State for the first time on a vacation with his wife, Eva. While here they had an opportunity to see a performance of the Xiutla, a local folkloric dance troop which overwhelmed them with their spectacular costumes and incredible precision while doing traditional Mexican dances. […]


Juan Ezcurdia has become has become known for his wild and varied interpretations of animals and people and how they intermingle. It seems artistic and humorous at the same time, sort of like Gary Larson meets the Masters, for lack of a better analogy. The artist is based in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. There […]


At ninety years old the highly talented and much loved sculptor, Ramiz Barquet, passed away July 4th 2010 from complications of a heart attack. He was not only Galeria Pacifico’s principal sculptor but was also was our dear friend for over thirty years. He and his sculptures were the major inspiration for initiating the gallery’s […]